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Raising public awareness is a critical part of prevention work. Ignorance fosters the spread of this deadly virus. We are working tirelessly to stop the spread of this virus, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

Our awareness efforts are two-fold – (1) raising awareness in Liberia on ways to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus and (2) mobilizing internal and external support to prevent, contain, treat and eradicate Ebola in Liberia and beyond. ​


Liberians Against Ebola’s #EbolaStopsWithU Initiative ​

Our primary way of raising awareness is through film. We are currently in the process of preparing awareness videos to be shown in hard to reach communities throughout the greater Monrovia area where the disease incidence rates are highest. ​ ​The intent is to educate audiences about the Ebola virus while inspiring them to become spokespersons. We aim to screen the videos in a safe manner in churches, video clubs and more. If you would like to host a screening or know of any individual or entity that would like to participate, please contact us at

Join Our Social Media Efforts ​

In an effort to raise public awareness Liberians Against Ebola, Inc. has taken to social media. Our Facebook page currently has 2,000+ members. Join us in raising awareness. – Spread the word.   ​- Please use the following hashtags: #Aid4Ebola #EbolaStopsWithU  Join Us on ​Facebook: Liberians Against Ebola  Twitter: LibAgainstEbola (@libagainstebola) ​Instagram: @libagainstebola


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